Project Description

Cage Cricket Ireland

Working in partnership with Cricket Ireland as the national governing body and with the international NGO Cage Cricket over a two-year period, our staff were trained to develop and implement a grass roots community programme built around the sport of Cage Cricket to engage young people with the sport and provide a backdrop to a wider equality and inclusion agenda in communities across Ireland.

Our Cage Cricket Ireland project focused on migrant and emerging communities and areas suffering economic disadvantaged in Connacht, while taster sessions and staff training were also piloted in Dublin, Derry and Belfast as part of a wider push for representation and participation in the sport of cricket.

‘Our 5th & 6th classes had the “Best day ever” in their own words. They loved it. Children who often shy away from playing on teams, achieved success and participated fully in the activities, as well as the committed sports people.  Their faces light up when they talk about the day. Cricket is the new talked about sport …

Head Teacher, participant school, Connacht, October 2019